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The Heart of this Ministry is in Jesus Christ


Our Story

Since the birth of this ministry, Red Verses has taken the gospel of Jesus to troubled teen centers, nursing homes, churches, and even the city streets.


The name Red Verses was created because the verses in red are the ones Jesus said.  The verses in red are significant since they represent the life that the Son of God  lived in the flesh.  Jesus coming to Earth and paying for the debt of humanity's sins reveals the ultimate love of God to the world.

Our desire is to use the gifts that God has given this ministry team so that people can know the love of Jesus and what He did for us.


Founded in 2015, our Red Verses team is led by Hunter Menning. Hunter has been a foster parent to over 20 children and has taught over 25,000 students from pre-K to adults. Hunter's experience ranges from the highest leadership experience to unique performing art abilities. Hunter's passion is to see the youth in America experience healing and impactful life transformation through the message of Jesus Christ.

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