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Speed Verse

Speed Verse is a game that brings God’s Word to life in a fun and engaging way. Get a group of friends together to see who can say these verses the fastest and we guarantee there will be joy-filled laughter. Lives are being changed through the repetitive proclamations of God’s word. These verses turn everyday interactions into conversations that matter for eternity.

Speed Verse
Early reader

Early Reader


Red Verses distributes a line of the world’s easiest books to help children-in-need develop their literacy and grow their reading confidence. 1 in 4 American children currently can’t read and that leaves the nation in a literacy crisis. These books are a valuable academic and spiritual resource, not only introducing letters and numbers, but introducing God and His Son Jesus too.


1 W1N Cards

There’s one thing we can all agree on...this world needs more goodness. These 1 W1N cards are filled with prompts to keep us consciously aware of how we can help others. If we all were to intentionally do 1 good deed a day, imagine the countless lives that would be changed.

1 W1N

Faith Talks

Lives are radically changed in these humorous yet powerful talks of faith. Imagine theater, preaching, music, and a comedy show all put into one program. We take these faith talks to numerous venues ranging from troubled teen centers to churches, bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ in an impactful way.

Hunter Faith Talk 2.jpg
Faith & Life

Homeless Outreach

The gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone. Although the homeless may not have much, the bible says that God has chosen the poor of this world to be rich in faith. Sharing the gospel with them is a privilege and we also gather physical items for them like clothing, sleeping gear, and hygiene supplies.

Homeless Outreach

Cartoon Soon

Cartoon Soon is a fun faith-filled art program that teaches cartooning tricks. We see people become more artistically confident, humorous, joy-filled, and encouraged. When this session is taught, a message of Jesus always finds its way to be the main focus point.

Drawing Time

Curbside Jam


Curbside jam is not like any worship set you’ve  seen. This eccentric program consists of a faith-filled team that uses humor, theatrics, dancing, singing, and instruments to bring a Jesus centered message. When we play these original worship songs, we tend to often see heathens find amusement in the music. This worship is planting and watering seeds in the kingdom of God all over.  

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